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Another Act Balloon

She turned the camera on.
"C'mon Ami" Kimiko said to her roommate who was out of view. "I got the camera set up and stuff." By Kimiko there was a table with some books on it and taped to the wall was a sign that said 'please be quiet' in Japanese.
"You've asked an awful lot," Ami said from the side.
"Don't tell me you've gotten cold feet. I thought you were brave."
"There's brave and then there's stupid."
"I didn't twist your arm and you wanted in so don't whine. If you don't want to do this anymore then fine I'll do it myself."
"Alright alright I'll give it a shot. Just promise me that you won't put this on the internet or something."
"I won't! And if I did I'd blank our faces out or something."
Ami finally strolled out on-screen and had to admit once again she was curious to play into Kimiko's  bizarre fantasy. She had come home and found her in some kind of inflating costume with pieces of a school uniform on the ground. Apparently it was a one person act where she pretended there were others with her. If Ami didn't know Kimiko so well she would have thought she was crazy. And naturally when she expressed curiosity Kimi made a few demands she had to follow and since Ami was so interested she just nodded to them with little argument though she won one little bit of ground.
One of Kimiko's demands was that Ami's character was a man.
Ami sat down at the table in jeans, a long sleeve shirt with a black t-shirt over it. The clothes hid her shapely body and with her short hair she could barely pass off as a very girly looking boy if she tried.
"You're so picky..." Ami grumbled.
"Well, I'd feel better if we pretended your character was a boy okay? Next time you can be a girl. Beggers can't be choosers." Kimi said and smoothed out the pleaded skirt she was wearing. In spite of the fact it was becoming a habit to wear skirts in her little plays she dressed more like Ami in real life: jeans, slacks, practical stuff. "I'm the experienced director, writer and actress of this play. You're just an actress." There was something else she was wearing: an inflatable suit. Hidden beneath her red blouse and purple skirt was a grey track suit that left her arms bare and most of her legs were not covered. With her clothes over it no one could see it until she turned it on to inflate up.
"Let's get this over with," Ami said.
"You mean let's get this started, don't lie." Kimiko said and walked out of view leaving Ami alone and then said "Action!" Ami's character picked up a book and studied a page for a few moments. During that time Kimiko's character strolled around from behind and was acting like she was looking for a book. She then spotted Ami and peered over her shoulder.
After a few moment Ami said, "May I-"
"Uh-huh you need to do the voice too."
"Must I?"
Ami sighed and said her line in a deep somewhat masculine voice, her genuine annoyance helped with the act "May I help you?"
"Oh sorry I'm Kiki and I noticed you're reading about dinosaur fossils are you an archaeologist?"
Ami's character made a grimace at Kimi's character being way too informal, "No not yet I'm studying to be one."
"Oh that's cool! I just want to be an artist but I'm studying something practical..." 'Kiki' walked behind Ami and kept looking over 'his' shoulder and got on 'his' nerves a bit longer. "So what's your name?"
Ami sighed, "Akira. Could you please be quiet?"
"Sure but it's Friday so the campus is all out partying and no one is here. I think the librarian is sleeping." 'Kiki' giggled and stood right next to 'Akira' and put a hand on 'his' shoulder.
Akira looked at the hand with wry face and tried to focus on studying. Ami couldn't help but think that the forced and convenient set up reminded her of a porno. 'He' shifted uncomfortably in 'his' seat as Kiki stood there looking down. A few moments ago Kimiko had hit a small remote control and the real show had started. Ami's character was focusing on chemicals that found the age of bones, that was all in the script, when suddenly 'his' left eye was filled with a very soft and red fabric.
Akira raised his head up and the camera caught that 'Kiki's' bust had expanded out several cup sizes and was pressing into Akira's head.
"Waa!" Ami jumped up and dropped the book on gardening. Her surprise reaction was quite genuine she hadn't seen just how well the suit could really inflate. Kimiko just waited and smiled patiently for Ami to remember her lines. Akira pointed a finger at Kiki "W-w-w-w-what's going on!?"
Kimiko looked down and acted a little surprise, "Huh? Oh!" She scratched her head embarrassingly as her top button blew off, showing a hint of not just the grey suit but some red bra too. "Aaah what a time for this to happen!" Kiki said as her hips pushed out two inches and created a wonderful hour glass figure.
"A-and-and-and-and now your hips!" Akira said and pointed lower.
Kiki just cupped her hands together and kept her arms low, cupping her 'breasts' together and pushing another button off. "Hm-hm I know."
The button hit Ami in the face "Ow!"
"Sorry," whispered Kimiko.
Ami said, "But-but you're acting like it's not big deal and people aren't balloons!"
"I'm just not anybody then..." Kimiko said and un-cupped her hands when her 'belly' pushed out too. The red waistband of her panties peaked out from the skirt's band as another button was lost and Ami dodged them. The underwear was being worn just to give the strict impression that Kiki was very much inflating out of her clothes. "I've always just kinda blew up like this. Doctors haven't a clue why but they said it's not hurting me soooo it's a bit of a hassle. A drag when I'm talking to a cutie of a man like you!"
'Akira' was going to suggest sending 'Kiki' to the doctor but if that wasn't going to help, that bit of information the audience never knew as also in the script. "Then-then then we should at least get you somewhere more private your clothes-"
"What about them?" The skirt was riding up and showed a bit of the grey legs of the inflation suit. It had enough, though to save money it was pre-torn and held by a clip. The clip fell out and skirt dropped to reveal red panties clinging to the suit.
"They're falling off!" shouted 'Akira.'
Kimiko quickly held a finger to her lips and hushed her room mate. It was an improvisation that helped with the act but she was still concerned with the neighbors hearing. "Yes I know what's happening now." Kiki's sides were filling out and the blouse was starting to rip with the matching bra holding back her bust. She hopped and made her chest jiggle enough to blow off the final button and open her shirt up.
"Don't do that!" commanded Akira.
"Why? This isn't the first time to happen in public," she counted on her fingers as the grey suit continued to fill up causing her 'breasts' to be pinched by the bra and her panties pushed lower by her stomach. "Lemme see once during a piano recital, once in the middle of a math test once on a date...Y'know you'd think this only happened when I'm stressed but I've been stressed plenty of times and-" she reached down to pull the panties up higher, making them sink and pressing against her crotch tighter and outline it. " without ballooning up. This has happened in times of non-stress too. So it's a matter of 'just cuz' tee hee!' The suit creaked against the bra. "I think I'm pretty much invincible to public embarrassment now!"
"Yes-but-but-but" 'Akira's' eyes kept jumping between 'Kiki's' panties and bra as the woman grew bigger and bigger right before her/'his' eyes. "Still to be so okay with being indecent in public!"
"Well, not my fault my body does this! It's like burping you just can't help it!"
The camera caught Kiki's bra blowing off in all its glory. With imagination Akira was now staring down the nipples of a balloon woman.
Kimiko covered her mouth, "Oh dear! I liked that top too!" she couldn't cover her mouth anymore as her arms started to get pulled out. The suit didn't cover her arms but when its shoulders were filled they restrained her arms just enough to help with the act. She had tested it so she wasn't helpless. "Why so serious? I thought a man would love a little distraction from studying!"
'Akira' put a hand to his head "I just don't know what's weirder. A woman blowing up like a balloon or the fact you're totally okay with it! It's like being stuck in a dream!"
"Enjoy it while you can, Akira!" 'Kiki' cried joyfully and suddenly grabbed Ami and shoved her 'tits' into 'his' face.
Ami stood frozen for several seconds as her face was pushed into the grey suit and gave a real blush before pushing back. "Waah! You're crazy!"
"Nope just friendly-oops!" Kimiko's panties were forced down again and slipped off down around the shoes she was wearing. When 'Akira' shoved 'Kiki' her legs got caught up in the fabric and thus she fell over. It was safe, they had put pillows on the ground and even without them the suit gave good protection. The woman bounced and her long free hair was messed up but she was safe. "OOF! Oh dear!"
Kimiko could rise up when she wanted but Kiki's character, was supposed to be a bigger ball of inflation and couldn't rise up. As she struggled her blouse was torn apart and left pieces on her wrists. She wiggled and squirmed a bit and then grumbled. "Oh dear I am stuck! Could you be a dear and do me a favor?"
'Akira' walked over and stood over the helpless 'Kiki' "Gee, seeing you like this you do look like fun!"
'Kiki' smiled, "Well I was going to ask you to roll me to my room but if you had something else in mind..." She was stopped when Ami put a leg over Kiki so Kiki's 'belly' was between Ami's legs and thus she sat down and began to bounce on Kimiko like she was a toy.
"Boing boing boing!" Ami said and both started laughing.
"Oh I like it when men are cool enough to play!" lauged 'Kiki' and that was the reason why she wanted Ami to act like a boy. She wasn't quite comfortable with having a woman act like that around her but maybe next time.
Ami balanced herself on Kiki's stomach and then reached back to touch something on the table before going back to the game. The suit squeaked but it was really strong stuff indeed but with each bounce the smile on Ami's face started to weaken before it became a confused frown.
"Uh, excuse me..." Akira said and got off Kimi.
"Awwww..." whined Kiki.
"Something...something isn't right..." muttered Ami and with that she pulled down on both her shirts and that outlined the slight bulging of her belly causing her to gasp. "W-W-HOW!?"
Kimiko moved her head and looked up at Ami, "Oh...whoops. Sorry."
"What do you mean sorry!?" asked 'Akira' as 'his' belly bulged further out. Ami's breasts had been taped down, or rather the upper half of the jump suit, and secured further with a sports bra so all the air was going lower in her own suit to help keep up the masculine body shape until it got too big. Yes she had bought her very own inflation suit just out of pure curiosity.
"Uh it's like this:" Kiki said as 'Akira's' shirt's rode up to reveal Ami's light flesh colored inflation suit. It was creating a muffin top situation with her jeans. "Sometimes it's sorta...contagious?"
"What do you mean 'contagious! ERR!" Akira grunted as the pants became too tight on 'his' person though it was only a bit of tension on Ami in reality.
"See I guess if I'm around another person like this then there's a slight chance they'll start to swell up too. It first happened to a nurse examining me, she was a small thing, and-"
"ARGH!" cried 'Akira' as 'his' pants blew the, pre-weakened, button off the jeans and they slid down 'his' legs showing off the black boy-shorts being swallowed up by the growing flesh colored suit. The boy-shorts were Ami's compromise since she wasn't going to wear men's boxers or briefs. "Oh god this can't be happening!" acted Ami as her hands flew down to her stomach to try to push it back to normal.
"Oh don't worry!" insisted 'Kiki' "It's not permanent! You won't convert other people into balls and it's not like this will keep happening to you. In fact I bumped into that same pretty nurse a few weeks ago in a coffee shop and she told me that aside from that one time she never became a balloon again. She did keep her distance though just to be safe," giggled 'Kiki.'
"Oh that makes me feel real...real..." 'Akira' trailed off and made a face of discomfort before the boy-shorts, pre-torn and held together by clips, came apart and dropped to the floor. "Aaah! Everyone can see my junk now!" cried 'Akira' and covered 'his' groin as the city inflated bigger and rolled up the shirts. "How could you do this to me!?"
"I didn't mean to!" protested 'Kiki' who kept fighting to stand back up. Ami worked at the bands holding the upper half of her suit down and helped pull her shirt up to her neck as her torso go bigger to let the suit inflate up naturally. Akira then lost his balance as he tried to walk away.
"Oh I'm not used to this!" it didn't helped that 'he' was still trying to cover his private parts and thus fell over next to 'Kiki.' "Just-just wait until I get back to normal, Kiki!"
Kimiko just smiled and giggled again, she rolled over and from the way the camera and their bodies were angled seem to plant a kiss onto Akira's lips it much like how old Hollywood movies faked kisses. "Tee hee okay!"
Akira made a sound of indignation upon being kissed, "Bleh argh! You are so weird!"
"Don't worry no one will see us like this. It's Friday remember? I can't wait until we shrink back to normal. Usually I'm the one who chases all the boys heh heh! I hope you'r a good runner because I'm fast!"
Akira sighed as the inflation seemed to finally stop, leaving his shirts curling around 'his' face and neck. "All I wanted was to study in peace! Not have a balloon date!"
'Kiki' giggled once again and snuggled close to 'Akira' "Oh yay I got a date this Friday after all! A perfect record so far this term!" Kimiko held her position there for a few seconds, allowing Akira to roll 'his' eyes and then added "And cut!"
"There's no one there to turn the camera off, Kimi," Ami pointed out.
"That means we can talk normal now, silly," she then got up and watched as Ami struggled to get onto her feet.
"Grr! How do you get up in these things?"
"Relax it takes a little bit of practice," Kimiko said and turned her suit off, letting it shrink back to normal.
With some grunting Ami stood up, "There we go," and turned off her suit. Leaving her over-stretched shirts to drape over her inflation suit like a small night gown.
"So did you enjoy it?" asked Kiki.
"Yeah I think I did, even though I was playing a man. But you really need to work on your writing. The only really good part was how your character implied a little something at the end." Ami took off the shirts and tossed them in a pile and began to help pick up bits of their wardrobe.
"You can help write the next one," Kimiko said and walked towards the camera.
"Sure but I'll play a woman next time."
Kimiko disappeared but her shadow was over the camera, "A stroke of luck you found a suit of that color! If only it were a little darker it'd match your skin perf-"
The camera was shut off.
People seemed to really like this story [link]

So I decided that a sequel wasn't impossible and I had an idea today. Which is good because I wanted to get something written out today as a Christmas gift.

It's not very Holiday themed I admit but each time I wanted a holiday themed story out I could never reach the deadline so I gave up on that.

Enjoy folks!
kingdemon815 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011
My only suggestion is to avoid writing in a script style. AKA, write paragraphs, not lines of text. It's quite hard to read. To do this quite easily, just don't make sentences have their own space, incorporate them into the last.
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