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Balloon Kisses AKA Art trade with MaclaurinSerious00

There was Pooko. She was what people would call a monster and Tokyo seemed to be plagued with them. She was really a remless and like all the others that served the Dark Moon Circus she seemed to have a strong resemblance to common circus items or acts. In her case she was an enormous blue balloon with a red stripe going around her with black diamonds placed about her body. Her feet were toeless and along with her little stubby fingered hands they stuck out of her body and seemed to be useless. The balloon was naked and the only thing that identified her as a she was her slightly feminine face and voice. She had some metamorphic powers, her face always had its long lady-like eye lashes adorning violet eyes and purple lips. But sometimes she had a naturally shaped nose while sometimes it just disappeared into her face. Thus when her face lit up you could see a very natural human face in that great colorful mass and sometimes it hid away. Even her fingers could typically be fat and round, long and slender, be like mittens or just get pulled into her body.
Who she was fighting considered her an odd one though they were actually both very odd.
There was a superhero called Sailor Moon who seemed to be quite possibly the girliest superhero ever and not in a bad way. Since she was the more well known one there is not a whole lot of reason to explain her dress. The fight was not going too well for her though for she was apparently using her face to smash into Pooko's soft body and her arms sinking into the giant frame. That wasn't actually her attack plan but rather her defense. Pooko saw something she wanted very badly, spun from one target to the next and flew right for it. Only for Sailor Moon, or Usagi to jump in the way and impressively stop the giant balloon. Her face was smothered into Pooko's latex-like skin as Pooko's eyes widened as she felt the strange humanoid rubbing deeply into her, that and Sailor Moon's protective action surprised her.
There was the third person: Mamoru who was very handsome and pinned to the ground behind Sailor Moon with knives. He was helpless as Pooko found him attractive, the fact that a man's looks could transcend human standards to Remless ones would boost SOME men's egos. For Mamoru's case it was a curse as he saw the unappealing globe fly towards him with her hands and face outstretched and lips puckered up, though it was kind of cute how she was blushing purple.
Then Sailor Moon jumped in the way and protected him. Even as he begged her to escape she shook her head and made no attempt to extract herself from Pooko's body. Eventually the balloon seemed so touched by this and made to embrace Usagi even tighter, forming legs and arms from her body. The remless seemed so caught up in the moment that she didn't notice Usagi's struggles weakening against the great rubbery folds in her body. But Mamoru had, he ripped his shirt and jacket, took one of those knives and stabbed Pooko in the side.
Her violet eyes shot open and against her will Pooko flew away as the air escaped from the hole in side. Off she went and landed on the other side of the park in a great colorful heap.
"Pheeeew..." Pooko sighed out and mentally summoned her tools of the trade: one a bit of tape and a foot pump. She realized she felt different, like she wasn't in her natural body. Even when she deflated she never felt so weird. With her hand she reached out to take the tape...her arm reached well past the tape even when she wasn't trying. Her eyes looked over to see not a short and stubby deflated hand but a slender arm!
"What the!?" She squeaked and sat up to see all the better her new body. She had not deflated down into a small lump of rubber but in the shape of-of a human? Or at least the shape so many other female remless had. When at home she was really just a small balloon with face and hands the size of a bowling ball. When her boss said she was going on a mission she started to train herself to inflate more air into herself with each practice grew bigger. Then when a week later it was time so she waited by the portal and swelled her body up well past the last time she had practiced inflating herself. She swelled to the biggest it had ever been to fight an absolute beast of a balloon! Yet somehow her body had taken on the appearance of...she looked around and saw the brown haired woman on the floor and then at Sailor Moon. Somehow her body took on their appearances! She quickly tried to float away but it was no good, as a humanoid she couldn't lift herself! The remless got on her toeless feet and quickly wobbled away to get to safety, thankfully no one noticed or stopped her.
So the remless made her not so dramatic get away. It was really quite amazing that she had survived a fight with Sailor Moon, it seemed merely getting away could save their lives! That did leave Pooko was an odd problem: what was with her body? She stayed hidden in the park and studied herself in the pond. While she was perplexed by this new shape she did not mind looking more like the other remless', she had no 'naughty bits' still and she missed being able to float.
"Maybe I can switch back?" she said out loud and began to suck in air. Her chest started to rise only for it to deflate back to a static shape. "Huh?" she then remembered the hole in the side where the man had stabbed her. "Ah right," Pooko sighed and was able to summon some tape and closed the wound. It would take some time for that to heal proper and allow the tape to fall off. The other matter was getting back to the Dark Moon Circus but that was the lesser one. Sooner or later one of the three lieutenants would notice she was still alive and let her come home, or some other remless would pick her up. It wasn't like she was going to starve to death or something.
Thus instead of inflating up, or experimenting with that, Pooko remained in her new humanoid shape and began to creep around the park. She had heard plenty about humans and wanted to see them first hand. Most remless didn't have any real hatred for humans they were just following orders and assumed having to kill a few was for the best. Cold but they did not want to die.
From her hiding spot Pooko looked around to make sure any Sailor Scouts were hunting for her but she just saw different humans so she stepped out and tried to act like she belonged. She got a few glances, from both genders, but none crowded around her or tried to attack as she went about looking at things or sitting on a bench and relaxing. It seemed her 'camoflauge' worked pretty well.
"Um are you with the circus?" one man in jogging gear asked her.
"Oh why yes I am!" Pooko replied honestly.
"Awesome costume!" he then jogged off.
"Oh thanks..." Pooko replied.
She had to admit that humans were a bit more generous than she first thought. A woman selling clothes handed an outfit over to her because she worried Pooko would get sick. Though Pooko insisted she was fine the woman would not take no for an answer. Though she chuckled slightly as Pooko seemed confused as to what went were on her, sure she had seen lots of dressed remlesses at home but never really watched them dress.
The woman walked around before sitting down at a bench and ever tugging at the fabrics a t-shirt and pair of jeans. They felt weird but not completely unpleasant, it was certainly a new sensation. But the orange t-shirt she had on didn't feel quite right as she kept pulling at the collar.
Ami, other wise known as Sailor Mercury, was walking while reading a paper she was working on saw out of the corner of her eye: someone's shirt was inside out. "Um excuse," she said without taking her eyes off the paper. "Your shirt is inside out.
"Huh? Oh thanks," Pooko said and stripped off her shirt out in the open and put it back on.
"Welcome," Ami said and her arm brushed against Pooko's hair. That caught her attention and she saw the smiling rubber woman for the first time. "Is...that a costume?" She couldn't help but think something was wrong and it seemed like everyone was suddenly out of the park.
"Um, not it's my skin," Pooko said sweetly.
"Are you a..." Ami reached into her purse to touch her transforming trinket. "...remless?"
Pooko nodded innocently, "Sure, I guess."
"M-monster!" Ami cried out and stepped back to try to reach into her purse and pull out her transforming trinket. It slipped through her fingers and she fumbled it, oh that never happened before!
Pooko stepped forward with a hand stretched out. She still hadn't perfected walking so she tripped over her own feet and with a slight squish fell onto Ami. Their lips locked, much to Ami's extreme confusion and embarrassment. She punched at Pooko who panicked and felt something 'click' inside her brain and tried to get off her, only for her lips to remain glued to Ami's.
"Hm-uh?" Pooko said and had her turn to blush. Why on Earth were their lips sticking together? She had given plenty of kisses to other remlesses, male and female, mostly teasing ones. Even further to her surprise Ami was changing color right before her eyes!
"Mff mff!" Ami cried as she watched her hands change from pale to a very light baby blue. All over her body her skin changed and took a shiny took to it. Ami's lips transformed into red lips and a deeper blue line appeared on her forehead and carved its way through the baby blue. The deep blue wave traveled down Ami's body, front and back and curled between her legs all underneath her clothes. Ami's hair became different too became a single piece rather than thousands of individual nearly black strands and peaking through the top was a nozzle.
With that their lips could finally detach.
"What-what did you do to me?" Ami asked as she slowly got off the ground and looked at her new skin.
"Um...I dunno." Pooko admitted and then patted Ami's hair. "I think it is kind of cute though."
"Cute!? What kind of attack is this!? Some kind of cloning power?" She felt lighter but did not approve of this change to her body. Ami breathed in to try to calm down. "Change me back!"
"I don't know how. I just sort of did this. Sorry?"
"How do you just discover a new power on accident?" Ami breathed in and tugged at the collar of her grey blouse. It was the same outfit she wore before swimming with Sailor Neptune and it was typically quite comfortable yet her blue skirt was feeling rather tight. She breathed in while trying to stay in control but she was tugging at her clothing instead of seizing her transformation trinket. Her breathing was certainly not in control as tried to handle how it felt like she was becoming bigger with each breathe of air.
'That's impossible...' Ami sucked in air and gasped. It seemed the young genius had to face reality when one of her blouse buttons popped off, making Pooko duck to avoid it. "No-no..." Ami said and reached up with her hands, her arms stuffing into the sleeves of her blouse, to touch at her expanding chest.  "How?" she said and made another button fly off to show not just her turquoise bra but her own bright new and shiny skin. Her hands tugged down at her skirt as it was sliding up her thighs because those were filling too! "Why am I doing this?"
"It's neat..." Pooko said and poked Ami's bloating belly.
"No it isn't." Ami said and cried out as more buttons fly off including the large emblem holding her collar together.
"Hey neat!" Pooko said. " I wish I had a shirt on like that. Blowing off the buttons looks like fun!" Pooko sucked in air and made her own chest grow to DD size. "Huh I kind of like this new look of mine!" Before Pooko was just a big ball that could grow and shrink but perhaps the new humanoid form could be more entertaining than she thought.
What was happening to her finally dawned on Ami as she watched Pooko inflate her own chest: she had transformed into a balloon creature like her! Her erratic breathing was what was making her shape change and she was never exhaling it. "How do I control this?" she panted and then shrieked when her skirt fell to the ground. Ami's hands were not growing so they did so little when she tried to cover herself with them. There was no one around but this was still embarrassing but she had to admit...
Someone leapt over a small wall and there was Makoto! "Ami I thought I heard-Ami!?" she cried at at the swelling balloon woman that looked so much like her friend.
"Mako...Makoto careful hm-uh..." Ami said while swooning on her feet as she felt her waist growing and growing. There was a new sensation in her body as her chin started to sink into her chest and her bra snapped off and her blouse fell apart. "I-I...uh..."
"What did you do to her!?" Makoto cried out and punched Pooko in the face. The remless' face squeaked and she fell over and made her breasts jiggle.
Pooko was hardly hurt. "It was an accident!" Makoto then grabbed her and lifted her up, surprised by how light the remless actually was. The Sailor Senshi, though she was not in uniform, shifted uncomfortable as Pooko's enormous breasts pushed against her own impressive bust.
"You better change her back!" Makoto heard giggling and looked over her shoulder. Ami's head was inflating or rather it was getting rounder and sinking into her body. Ami's arms and legs were all losing form and disappearing into a great ball of a body. The growing balloon fell onto her enormous bottom and giggled while kicking her legs and waving her hands in just her stretching turquoise panties.
"Heh heh! Hah hah ha!" Ami cried out happily as her hair disappeared and head was gone to replace a feminine face onto the giant ball. A part of her brain was crying out indignantly at how Ami was acting but it felt so good to her! Then her body lifted off the ground and started to fly up.
Even Pooko was a tad surprised with the way Ami was acting.
"Hey!" Makoto cried out and threw Pooko away to catch her friend by the foot. Ami did not listen, or maybe she was not controlling her flight after all, and flew towards a batch of trees while Makoto dug her heels into the ground to try to keep the senshi of Mars on the ground. "You can't just go flying around like that! You need help!"
"Heh heh yes I can!"
Makoto jumped up and grabbed at Ami hoping to find some kind of handhold. All she got was the waistband of her panties and braced her feet against two trees to try to pull her down instead of just the underwear. "Snap out of it!"
"Hey let go!" Ami shouted and squirmed to get free of the tall brunette that was getting on her nerves.
"What's going on!?" someone cried out making all three women turn to see a handsome man old enough to have started college standing there and gaping at the strange scene.
"Oooh!" Pooko cried out and cupped her fingers together while hearts appeared in her eyes. He looked like a most fantastic human specimen!
"Uh..." the man said as the big ball in the trees turned, blushed and stared at him intensely.
"He's cute stuff!" the normally shy Ami declared loudly.
The only normal woman there said. "Just run buddy!"
"You don't have to tell me twice!" He spun and took off just as Pooko began to run towards him. At the same time Ami took advantage of the distracted Makoto and turned sharply to shake off the brunette. The new remless was gaining controls of her flight with that she rose into the sky. Her stubby hands clenched and then the upper half of her body tightened, sending air to inflate the lower half of her body and making it bigger. Her panties groaned and shook as they began to take the last of all they could endure. Ami closed her eyes as she tried to power up and blast off.
With a slight grunt and just a little more swelling, enough to make the panties rip down their sides and drop off her bloated form, air shot out of the nozzle atop of Ami's head and made her zip off. Ami squeaked at this power she had built up and even her shoes flew off her feet but she gained control and zipped right for the departing man with her hands stretched out.
"Move it!" Ami barked and knocked Pooko aside with her girth and speed.
"Oh!" Pooko cried out and was easily sent tumbling away as Ami went for her handsome prey. He was quite the runner though and with Ami not having much experience with flying he was able to stay a few steps ahead of her pretty well.
Pooko had hit a trash can and the lid of it was on her head as she sat on the ground. She slowly lifted the lid up to watch Ami as her face gradually reddened. "Oh! That...that!" Pooko puffed her cheeks out in frustration. "Air head!" She finished and started to suck in air herself.
"Wait wait!" Makoto shouted while running after Ami and the stranger. She had long legs and was a fast runner and just as her ballooned friend was making a dive to catch the poor man did she make her own. Makoto dove and tackled the man and knocked him out of harm's, or rather just Ami's, way.
"Uh-oh," Ami said and flew into a new batch of trees and snapped branches apart and felt them poking her. If she moved too quickly or sharply she could puncture herself.
Makoto helped the man up and noted Ami's precarious situation. That should have bought time for the stranger to escape. "Alright now you get out...of..." she then blinked as she tried to recognize Pooko-chan.
"Poooo!" Pooko said while sucking in air. She was relieved that with the piece of tape on her, and enough air, she could revert to her original shape though not her original tiny size. She was the one with far more experience than Ami with handling air and her body. In just one inhaling action her stomach bloated to the size of a woman ready to give birth. "Pooooo!" She stopped and made a face of slight pain as her hips swelled and were suddenly stopped by the khaki pants she had been given. "Nhe! Pooo!" she said and swelled again and split apart the button and zipper to let them drop to the ground. Her enormous boobs were cradled tightly in her orange t-shirt and they squeaked together as the shoulders of the shirt started to slide down her rounding shoulders until her body was a great ball but with coning arms and legs.
*Rip!* went her shirt as it split in half and her breasts sank into her latex form. That was when Makoto noticed the changing Pooko. What made her realize the bloating form was the weird monster was the crop of purple hair at the top of her head at least before it disappeared and she was staring at another living balloon. It was Pooko's turn to float up and clad only in a red speedo that she had been given as improvised underwear, whatever that was but she had heard of it from friends.
"He's mine!" she declared and swelled just as Ami had and blasted off for the man.
"Oh no you don't!" Makoto said and ran to jump off a bench to launch herself into the air to kick the giant ball away.
Pooko was starting to have deja vu and tried to turn away to stop herself from smothering another human to death with her passion for handsome creatures. Makoto was surprised that Pooko would actually try to dodge and with their bodies trying to change at just the right moment their faces got close and locked.
Both made sounds of great surprise as purple and pink lips met again and locked.
'Oh no did I just do this again-wwwa!' Pooko thought as Makoto's weight dragged her down so that her face was to the ground and Makoto dangling to her. Again right before her eyes Makoto was changing colors! The Senshi of Jupiter had a line of pink appearing down the middle of her body and much like the other two balloon women.
"MMF! MMF NFF!" Makoto cried out while kicking her limbs violently and battered and punched Pooko.
"Saw-re," Pooko tried to say.
Makoto's hair went from brown to a light red, her skin was a light green and had an orange stripe. When the transformation was finished she landed on her butt and bounced slightly. "Oof!" She took a few breathes and then noticed her chest was even bigger! "What the?" She panted her chest became slightly bigger. Her hand went to her mouth to keep herself from breathing again.
Pooko shrugged as though saying 'sorry' again then she bloated up and blew off to keep up the chase.
"S-stop!" Makoto tried to command then she ran to stop the two harassing balloons. She found that with her new body she could run much faster because of how light being a balloon remless really was but it was hard fighting the urge not to breathe in. The stranger had fallen over and Ami was bearing down on him from above but Makoto kicked her aside with a torpedo kick. Despite her light weight she was able to push Ami aside but Pooko was also bearing down on the poor man with her limbs out stretched and lips puckered up.
"Damn it!" Makoto said and pushed herself up to Pooko and rammed right into her to create a shield.
Pooko looked down to see Makoto's squeak body pressing right into where her breasts, well new breasts would have been and Pooko couldn't help but blush. "I uh-your face is where-my breasts are-um..." She trailed off as she started to feel deja vu again. "Hey it's not like I want to kill anyone this time..." she muttered then her eyes widened as Makoto struggled with her. One of the former human's hands went to the speedo and tugged at it just to try to get Pooko distracted of course she had no clue what Ami was doing. The Senshi of Jupiter didn't quite have her old strength.
"Let go of those!" Pooko demanded and started to pull back. It was hardly that Pooko did not mind nudity but they were still hers and not for someone to take. By pulling back Makoto could breathe and and promptly she started to suck in air. Pooko stopped her own struggling as she felt Makoto's chest become even bigger and dig into her lower side so she smiled. Makoto's black shirt stretched and gave, the collar pulled down a foot and then ripped apart. Makoto was clad in jeans and while the sensation of inflating herself up was grand, she started to see how Ami could go from a scientist to a hedonist, she had sense to undo her jeans and drop them and showed everyone her pink underwear. Just in time because her belly and hips bloated at a great rate.
Pooko had to smile down at her handy work. It was pretty fun not only kissing people but passing on her powers to them but she wondered if it was a temporary development. If it was temporary she had better enjoy it while she could.
"Tee hee you're too cute!" she said to the inflating Makoto. Her hands stretched out of her great globe body and wrapped them around Makoto's expanded figure. Her hands, more like mittens, were pushed aside by the former human's expelling hours glass figure.
Makoto nearly commanded Pooko release her but if she did that her long breathe would have been interrupted. Instead she bloated her body and, after flinching, blew her bra off and hit Pooko in the face with it.
"Owch!" Pooko grabbed at her face and thus freed Makoto. She spun and ran while never stopping her extremely long intake of air. With each step her fantastic original shape disappeared and was replaced by the third colorful balloon.
'Oh this feels too-no no! Focus!' Makoto commanded herself as she grounded to a stop due to her legs being reduced to little feet. She tried that bloat up trick she had seen Ami and Pooko do before flying off like a rocket. Her hands went down to her panties and pulled them up before making her attempt, unlike Ami she had enough mind to have thoughts about changing back to normal. She certainly did not want to end up in the middle of the park naked assuming she could or wanted to change back.
*BAWOOSH!* Makoto had her own turn at blasting off and in time. Ami had the man cornered against a wall, who might have been going crazy at that point. Makoto knocked her friend aside with her own tackle. Only for Ami to hit Pooko who was making a beeline for the stranger. Thus the three balloons orbited above the man and continue to pelt one another with their enormous and inflated bodies. Makoto was joining in the laughter but at the back of her mind she kept wishing the man would just run away already. After hitting Pooko again she reached down and felt for something and upon not finding it she sighed. Makoto looked down to see her over stretched pink panties wafting to the ground and past the man like an enormous blanket. So much for having some modesty if they ever change back that is. Though she forgot she could still transform and make clothes appear out of the air she was a tad busy to remember that.
"Enough!" Ami said, she puffed her cheeks out angrily. "I want him!" She then tore herself from the balloon battle and went straight for the man and then Pooko followed.
"No he's my morsel!" Pooko squeaked.
"Stop!" Makoto ordered and followed the other two.
The stranger just stood his ground as three giant living balloons made for him. Then in one swift motion she three something at the each of them: thistle. Each thistle found their mark and sank into each of their bodies, he had been pushed far enough.
"Oh not again!" Pooko cried out as she lost control of her flying just as the other two. The three zipped around the sky as their bodies lost all their air and thus became masses of latex in the sky before all met and fell to the ground.
When all three landed the globs remembered their old shape and stretched out into feminine humanoid features and all three were laying on top of each other.
"Oh that part always sucks..." Pooko grumbled and crawled off of Ami and Makoto. She still had the stretched speedo around her legs so she stood up and held the piece of clothing up with one hand. The other two women had their eyes spinning as they were totally unused to such wild flying in the sky. Pooko looked over her shoulder to see the stranger rejoining his friends and recounting his bizarre adventure. Pooko grinned and started to lean closer to give each scout a parting kiss when a portal opened up.
"Pooko-chan!" Tigers Eye ordered "return to base! Stop messing around!"
Pooko nodded and noted her boss probably didn't notice the two defenseless humans on the ground. Little did they realize they would have had two Senshi right then and there. Instead Pooko just held up the speedo and walked through the portal as Ami and Makoto finished reverting back to normal.
"Pooko!?" Tigers Eye sputtered as the portal started to close.
Pooko chuckled at her boss reacting to the new shapely Pooko. "Um, I decided to try a new look."

A few weeks later Pooko was in her apartment and was enjoying the furniture she had mostly ignored for so long. As just a small balloon all she need for a bed was a pillow after all and had not really needed the chairs. Much the less the dresser and closest but they were now stocked with lots of clothing. She did use the television and she was laying on her bed in just tiny black shorts. The news came on and she nearly changed the channel when she saw it had a report about the latest battle with the Sailor Senshi. The remless who had battled them survived but there were clips of the five women fighting. Two of them looked very familiar with their shiny skin and colorful bodies and acting more like their old selves.
Pooko sat up and crossed her legs and giggled. So those two humans were...Oh but where was the fun in letting everyone else in on such a delicious secret? Pooko stripped off her black shorts then went out onto her balcony and inflated up. She decided to start looking for some remless to deliver a few non-balloony kisses.
So [link] was taking requests I took three then felt a little so I offered to write up a story she wanted.

So it involved Pooko and some scouts. It took a while to get this but I hope you all like it.

WOW I did something with Pooko what a shocker!
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GRT1392 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
very cute and sexy story. They should have had the sailor scouts as puukos and the villains as humans
ImplicitImp Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I love how Ami and Makoto change back afterwards. Great story!
Markus777 Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2012
It is a nice and very interesting story.
It would have been more interesting if the other three sailor scout (Usagi, Rai and Minako) had been changed too.
I would have wondered how it would affect their everyday life and hero life.
MaclaurinSerious00 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great story. and Great title. and great ending
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